Customize Anything. Your Data Your Rules!

Customize Pipelines, Fields, Notifications, Reports etc easily. Granular security options. Control what your users can see. Custom Colors, graphs, labels and dashboards. Customize everything.

Schedule BI, The Way You Want It!

Get What You want, When You want and How You want It! Just Set The Rules and Watch Your Minions do Your Work for You.

Transition Graphs. Find the Bottleneck!

Improve your workflow by tracking the various stages that your pipe goes through in your pipeline and identify bottlenecks.

About Us

Think It
Make It

Our team constantly endeavors to better our service offerings and is constantly working to better our current products while learning new things and adapting quickly to new changes and permeating the benefits through our chain. We will always continue to believe in three simple words: observe, create and deliver.

With fast paced changes in information technology in the recent years and "big data" growing even bigger by the second, we've grown stronger by being lean and improving ourselves to better serve our customers with the right product and service at the right point in time.

Understanding our client

is the first step to building quality products that are cost effective and technology enabled.

Right from learning

about your organization to understanding your product/services and customers; we aim at providing relevant, timely, efficiency enhancing solutions creat

We strive to offer

various cost effective, technology enabled solutions and consulting services for businesses in various fields.

Right from designing

and building a website to tailor made software solutions, our technical expert consultants would leave no stone unturned to build a solution that would best fit your organization.

We are driven

to keep your project on-budget, on-time and on-point, while being responsive to your business needs.